My philosophy as a headshot photographer is based on my belief that your eyes are the key to a terrific headshot. The most common question that I am asked is: “how do you get the actor's eyes to look like that?” Three words…confidence, comfort, and chemistry (and some great lighting, of course).


Your headshot session is an opportunity for you to show your acting range and your emotional availability. We will work together to bring honesty, commitment and depth to each frame.  The end result is a headshot that is warm and engaging with eyes that “pop off the page” and a story behind the eyes that grabs you when you look at the photograph.


I prefer to meet with clients prior to the shoot, whether that is in person, via facetime or any other communication platform.  I want to get to know as much as possible about the person with whom I am collaborating. I also want you to get to know me so that when we shoot there is an established connection, thus allowing you to feel comfortable, confident and ready to work


I look forward to meeting you. I know how important your headshots are to you…and to me.

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